Practice Areas

  • Asset Protection Planning

    Properly executed asset protection strategies aim to safeguard assets and wealth from claims by future unsecured creditors. Real estate, tangible assets (such as works of art, aircraft, exotic cars, boats and jewelry) as well as intangible assets, such as securities and business interests can be protected for the benefit of clients rather than aggressive litigants and predatory creditors.

    By employing domestic laws and utilizing the various forms of legal entities, and sometimes the laws of foreign countries, clients can implement domestic and international asset protection strategies that historically have proved successful, while maintaining a level of confidentiality and privacy that clients require.

  • Commercial Financing

    We have experience and a reputation for handling credit facilities of every kind, ranging from unsecured loans to complex secured transactions involving multiple credit facilities and various forms of collateral, including pledging foreign stock. Representing creditors and debtors affords us a broad perspective that can benefit the transaction, which can make thing smoother for both parties.

  • Corporate Law

    We work collaboratively with professionals to leverage our depth of experience and to deliver the right answer at the right time so you can make the best decisions. Always providing focused legal advice with business realities in mind to address the most complex issues arising from you unique circumstances. Addressing our client’s corporate needs requires attention to tax issues, regulatory concerns and intellectual property to deliver the best options available.

  • Franchise Law

    We represent clients buying, selling or entering into franchising, licensing or distribution agreements. Whether the underlying industry involves specialty retailing, automotive services, fast food restaurants, or other specialty, we can explain the nuances and risks involved.

  • Tax Planning

    Taxes are an important consideration in any business endeavor. They should be an instrumental element of every transaction and business plan. We are well equipped to address domestic and international tax matters that our clients encounter in transactions and operations.

  • Real Estate Transactions

    We provide assistance to clients in all aspects of real estate, land use, and tax certiorari (property tax appeals). Developers and non-profit housing corporations have relied on our lawyers for all types of assistance with projects ranging from high rise condominium complexes to major shopping centers.

  • Business Aviation

    Let’s face it, business aircraft are expensive to acquire, expensive to operate and create enormous liability exposure for those companies that utilize them; however, these business assets are completely necessary for top performing businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you are exploring the tax benefits of replacing or purchasing an aircraft, defending a lawsuit or regulatory action regarding your ownership or operation of an aircraft, or simply winding your way through the maze of federal aviation regulations or applicable Internal Revenue Code provisions, we can make the process go smoothly and help you reach your goals.

  • Copyright and Trademarks

    As companies grow, so too does the need for trademark services. Trademarks, while a creature of goodwill, can often be amongst the company’s most valuable assets. Just because it’s not registered, does not mean it is not protected under U.S. trademark law. We can prosecute a trademark registration or pursue an action for infringement.

  • Dispute Resolution

    We recognize that legal solutions are not the best answer, and litigation is the last resort. As pragmatists, we understand that reasonable people can disagree on a set of facts or proposed solution. However, we also believe that relationships can be the most valuable assets on the company’s books. This is why we favor alternative dispute resolution, particularly mediation. Mediation can preserve a relationship and resolve differences without destroying the relationship that may have been years in the making.

  • Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration

    Our firm services clients in need of a simple will or trust, as well as those clients who need to develop and implement a comprehensive estate plan involving business succession planning with asset protection strategies. We can represent Personal Representatives, beneficiaries, and trustees in probate proceedings and accountings involving estate or trust administration.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Whether a simple asset acquisition or upstream triangular reverse merger, these are never as simple as they seem. Our firm bring the necessary corporate experience with the right amount of tax acumen.

Structured Fee Engagement™

We conceived and developed this program exclusively for startup ventures. The basic idea is pretty simple: provide those qualifying startup companies with comprehensive business legal counsel at the most critical stage of development; including drafting necessary corporate documents, resolutions and operating agreements as well as tax planning. Defer 40-60% of fees until the company is viable or an agreed upon contingency occurs. No interest, no late fees. Just simple deferred billing at regular rates. If the venture does not achieve the agreed upon milestone or otherwise succeed, the deferred fees are waived or forgiven.

If you think this arrangement might be right for your new venture, please contact us for a simple application.

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